Scoring Admin Reference

This page gives a reference to all scoretility views which are available to users who have the scoring admin security role.

Club Affiliations view

Navigation: Scoring > Club Affiliations

For series which have Display Club Affiliation set on the Series view, the club affiliation must match one of the Alternate Names defined in this view. Note the Display Name and Official Name are automatically added to the Alternate Names list.

Display Name

short name for the club which is displayed on the relevant views

Official Name

official name for the club which shows up when the mouse hovers over the Display Name

Alternate Names

names which, when in the results, map to this club. To add a new alternate name, simply type the name or paste the text, then hit carriage return

The Copy from Year button may be used to copy club affiliations from a previous year or another club.

_images/club-affiliations-view.png _images/club-affiliations-edit.png

Divisions view

Navigation: Scoring > Divisions

For each series which has Divisions set to yes, there should be divisions set up on this view.


select the series for which this division is to apply to

Low Age

low age for this division

High Age

high age for this division


The series need to be set up before this view is used.

_images/divisions-view.png _images/divisions-edit.png

Download Results view

Navigation: Scoring > Download Results

This view can be used to scrape results from a web page. The services which are supported are identified at the top of the view.

For RunSignUp, one or more result sets can be combined into a single downloaded csv file. The file header may need to be edited to be suitable for import using the Races view import function.


When the URL is entered, additional fields are shown. The fields shown may depend on the service which holds the result data (e.g., RunSignUp).


Edit Participants view

Navigation: Scoring > Races > [next to race] Import or > Choose File / Import

Navigation: Scoring > Races > [next to race] Import or > Edit Participants

The import process finds members within the results, using a fuzzy logic to match names, e.g., member name John Doe for Result Name Jack Doe. The Match column indicates whether a match was found, and how close the match was

  • definite - name and age match exactly

  • similar - age matched, but name didn’t match exactly

  • missed - age was close, but not exact

You should edit each entry that is similar or missed


for races in series which allow nonmembers to run, the edit participants view may show a lot of missed results. Updating each of these individually as described below may be time-consuming. For this reason there is a way to take all of these by bulk.

  • In the header, Show All entries. In the footer verify all the entries are being shown before proceeding

    • only entries which are “shown” will be updated in the next step, so this step is very important

  • Click Tools ⛭, then under Select Names and Confirm click Confirm

  • A progress bar will display. Before doing any other operations, be sure to wait until the progress bar disappears. This can take quite a while - please be patient.

  • Once this is complete, continue as below for similar entries

By clicking in the Match: filter, you can limit your view to similar and/or missed

  • For results with Match of similar or missed there will be a pull-down under Standings Name. Here you can decide if the Result Name really is for one of the member options

  • Alternately, if you think you know the member you can click in the ⬜ on the left, then click Edit to modify the result. This only works for members of the club for which the date of birth is known or estimated

    • In Result Name: start typing the name of the member and select, or just select from the pulldown

    • Age: and Gender: should automatically be filled in


    if you have filtered using Match, after editing, you may need to reload page and apply your Match filter again. This is a bug (#209) and will hopefully be fixed in a future release

  • Be sure to check the box under Confirm when you are satisfied the Standings Name is correct or “[not included]”

In order for results to be included in series standings, they must be tabulated. Near top of Edit Participants next to Match: field click Tools ⛭. Under Tabulate Results, click Tabulate (this step updates the standings)


For series which have Display Club Affiliation set on the Series view, the club affiliation must match one of the Alternate Names defined in this view. If clubs are detected which are unknown, there will be a popup indicating which clubs were not found. This must be resolved using the Club Affiliations view, adding these as Alternate Names and retabulating, or by editing the results file and reimporting.


Exclusions view

Navigation: Scoring > Exclusions

Exclusions happen when using the Edit Participants view, and a name is suggested which is close to a result name, but a different member name is chosen. This prevents the excluded Member Name from being offered for Result Name in the future

If an exclusion is made by accident, it may be deleted using this view.


Members view

Navigation: Scoring > Members

For clubs that have members, this view provides a way to bring the current membership into the database.

If a service is set up (e.g., RunSignUp club service), the members list can be downloaded directly from the service. Otherwise, a file needs to be imported into the system. The Import button is used to import the members.

_images/members-view.png _images/members-import.png

Races view

Navigation: Scoring > Members

This view is used to define the races, which must be done before results are imported. Each race can be entered individually, or a file of races can be imported.


provides the import or action buttons

Race Name

name of the race


date of the race


race distance in miles. For accurate age grading, the miles should be set with as much precision as possible, e.g.,

  • 5K - 3.10686 miles

  • 10K - 6.21371 miles

  • 15K - 9.32057 miles

  • Half marathon - 13.1094 miles

  • Marathon - 26.2188 miles


road, track, or trail


one or more series that this race is included in

The view has the following filters:


you can filter on races which are in one or more series

_images/races-view.png _images/races-edit.png

To import races, click Tools, then choose a file for import.


To import results for a race, click the import or button under the Results header. If the results have already been imported the button is displayed as . Both buttons include navigation to the Edit Participants view. The button has additional navigation to the Series Race Results view.

From import




Results Analysis Summary view

Navigation: Scoring > Results Analysis Summary

To be added


Series view

Navigation: Scoring > Series

The Series view is used to describe the calculation for a series of races, in order to generate standings for the Standings view.

Max Races

this is the max number of races which will count for the final standings result


this value is multiplied by the result score. Result score is determined by the remaining fields

Max Gender Points

set this if overall result score is determined by place. Points start with this value for the first place, this value minus 1 for second place, etc.

  • e.g., if Max Gender Points is set to 50, first place result score is 50, second place is 49, etc

Max Division Points

for this to work, this series must have Divisions set up. Set this if division result score is determined by place. Points start with this value for the first place, this value minus 1 for second place, etc.

  • e.g., if Max Division Points is set to 10, first place result score is 10, second place is 19, etc

  • generally Max Division Points would be set to a lower number than Max Gender Points

Max by Number of Runners

set this to yes if the max should be determined by the number of runners who ran a race within a gender. Either set this, or set Max Gender Points / Max Division Points, but not both

Order By

this can be set depending on how you’d like the results ordering to be shown

  • time to order by absolute time

  • agtime to order by age graded time

  • agpercent to order by age graded percent

  • overallplace to order by overall place


this can be set depending on how you’d like the results ordering to be shown, ascending or decending

Members Only

set this to yes if the results import should only consider true members of a club

Average Ties

set this to yes if ties should be averaged in order to determine result points

Calculate Overall

set this to yes if overall placement is to be calculated. Generally this only applies if Max Gender Points is set

Calculate Divisions

set this to yes only if division placement is to be calculated. Generally this only applies if Max Division Points is set. Note Divisions must be set using Divisions view for this series for this to work properly.

Calculate Age Grade

set this to yes if age grade is to be calculated and used for result scoring. Generally this only applies if Order By is set to agtime or agpercent

Proportional Scoring

check this if proportional scoring is to be used. Proportional scoring means top score gets 1 * Multiplier, and other scores get (top_time / this_time) * Multiplier

Requires Club Affiliation

if this is checked, there must be a value in the club column which doesn’t evaluate to None when compared against the Club Affiliations view data, otherwise the result doesn’t get tabulated

Display Club Affiliation

if this is checked, the club affiliation is displayed in the Standings view and Series Race Results view


races can be added to the series here or in the Races view

_images/series-view.png _images/series-edit.png