scoretility User Reference

This page gives a reference to all scoretility views which are available to any users.

Series Race Results view

Navigation: Standings > [set club, year, series] > Expand Races > [click race]

(admin only) Navigation: Scoring > Races > (next to race)

This view displays the tabulated results of the race. Note that the results are filtered as defined within the series definition. E.g., for series with Members Only set to yes, only members are shown.


Standings view

Navigation: Standings > [set club, year, series]

To see standings for a series, click Standings on the navigation menu, then set the club, year, and series you’re interested in. Then click Show Standings.

  • click on the ‣ Races bar to see all the races

  • current overall and division award leaders are emphasized with colors and italics

  • place numbering

    • a place number is assigned when participants have run the minimum number of races

    • ties may be resolved by certain comparisons

      • hover over the place number to see how a tie was resolved

      • if the tie could not be resolved, the same place number will be in two rows

  • hover over the race number column header to see the name of a race

  • click on the participant’s name to see all the results for a participant

  • hover over the club abbreviation to see the official club name