Super Admin Reference

This page gives a reference to all scoretility views which are available to users who have the super admin security role.

Age Grade Tables view

Navigation: Super > Age Grade Tables

This view defines what age grade tables are available, and allows import of the age grade factors

Table Name

name for age grade table

Last Update

(readonly) date/time when the last update was made to this age grade table

In addition to the New, Edit, Delete buttons, there is the following action button.

Import Factors

use this to import age grade factors associated with Gender and Type. The factors must be in the format as seen in


Gender and Type must be specified when importing a file


While there is a Clear button on this form, there is no general use for it. Factors are overwritten when inported.

_images/age-grade-tables-view.png _images/age-grade-tables-import.png

Clubs view

Navigation: Super > Clubs

Many operations are achieved within a club, via the pulldown near the top of each view. This view defines what clubs are available.

Short Name (slug)

short name for the club which is displayed on the relevant views

Long Name

official name for the club


location of the club, in a form suitable for lookup using Google Maps


if the club member data can be downloaded, the service must be specified. Currently this must be blank or “runsignup”

Service ID

id of club as known by the service

Age Grade Table

the age grade table defined on Age Grade Tables view to use for age grade calculations

_images/clubs-view.png _images/clubs-edit.png

Service Credentials view

Navigation: Super > Service Credentials

This view defines the credentials used to access services used by scoretility

Service Name

name of the service


key to be used to access the service


secret to be used in conjunction with Key to access the service

_images/service-credentials-view.png _images/service-credentials-edit.png

Users view

Navigation: Super > Users

This view defines the users which can administrate scoretility


name of the user


email address for the user


can be used to define the user’s email address, but generally should be left blank as the user should define their own password


checkbox for administrators who have Owner access


used to select the club for which Admin and Viewer access is being given


check to give read / write access for the indicated Club


check to give read access for the indicated Club


when editing a user, give Admin / Viewer access for each Club that the user should be able to access before clicking Update

_images/users-view.png _images/users-edit.png